Six companies to capitalize on for the Metaverse


Six companies for your portfolio for exposure to the Metaverse.

Several companies are waiting for the Metaverse ecosystem to become a reality. The question is, how will this affect human society at large?

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is an online augmented reality. It will be virtual with 3D avatars, something like Sims, Roblox and other such games. It will be a new virtual world. This will change the social fabric and human-to-human interactions.

Analysis of Metaverse

Jefferies analyst, Simon Powell, has stated his displeasure with Metaverse. He calls it a “severe disruption to society”. Once the Metaverse platform gets constructed and adopted over the next decade or so.
He argues that normal human life is already disrupted by technological advancements. The pandemic added to that disruption changing and morphing people’s lifestyles. 
In his own words from his research note:
“The pandemic accelerated the adoption of various technologies. Many people get forced to spend even more of their lives online. From socializing to working, from education to entertainment. This shift to an online world will continue to speed up. More people adopt and accept this aspect of their lives.”

Effects of Technology

We can see the effects of major technological advancements over the last few years. From the impact of mobile phones. How mobiles changed the social structures and fabric of society. As well as the manner in which we interact with others. Vipp Jaswal, CEO of Interpersonal Intelligence Advisory:
“We use our phones more times than we speak to our spouse,”
“The metaverse will usher in a new kind of technology. One that will become necessary to operate and function in society. We will “date, work, live, buy and sell things, and play virtually.” Said Rosenburg a veteran of AR development and the CEO of UnanimousAI.

Recent Updates

The talk of the metaverse came into the limelight due to Facebook’s renaming event. Facebook got rebranded to Meta Platforms. This showed support for the digital augmented reality system by Mark Zuckerberg.
Microsoft has taken part in the hype around Metaverse adoption. They have aligned all future goals with this ecosystem. They are working on ways that metaverse can get used in their existing product lines.

Metaverse Hopefuls

According to analysts, the gaming sector and social media companies will get benefit. Some of these companies are:
1. Roblox (RBLX) is the closest to what the metaverse would look like. Experts call it an early-stage metaverse.
2. Meta/SNAP are social media platforms. They are working on getting hardware access for the metaverse.
3. TakeTwo (TTWO) has three games which get considered to be early-stage metaverse.
4. Electronic Arts (EA) are the most prominent gaming company. They have so many games ready for the metaverse. Sims, Skate, and SimCity are to name a few.
5. Activision Blizzard (ATVI) has two games. World of Warcraft and Call of Duty make them the early innovators of the metaverse.
6. Warner Music (WMG) has several games. They would get considered as part of this augmented reality system.