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Frequently Asked Questions

A Splits Calendar is a tool that investors and traders use to track upcoming stock splits and reverse splits. It lists the companies whose stock will undergo a split, the type of split (standard or reverse), and the effective date. This calendar is crucial for individuals looking to adjust their investment strategies based on changes in stock structure and to capitalize on potential market movements during the stock split season.

By consulting a Splits Calendar, investors can prepare for the volatility and trading volume changes that often accompany stock splits. Understanding when a stock split is scheduled allows investors to analyze its potential impact on the stock's price and market perception. Strategically, investors might adjust their positions before a split to optimize returns, making the Splits Calendar a vital tool for informed investment planning.

In a stock split, a company increases the number of its outstanding shares, reducing the price per share accordingly, without changing the shareholders' equity. It's often done to make the stock more accessible to investors. A reverse split, conversely, decreases the number of shares, increasing the price per share, and is sometimes used by companies to meet exchange listing requirements. Both actions are listed on the Splits Calendar and can significantly influence investment decisions.

Companies perform stock splits to make their shares more affordable and increase liquidity, which can attract a broader base of investors. Although a split does not inherently change a company's value, it can lead to positive market perceptions and potentially increase stock demand. Investors use the Splits Calendar to track these events, aligning their strategies to leverage potential benefits or mitigate risks associated with splits.

Comprehensive and up-to-date Splits Calendars are available on financial news websites, investment analysis platforms, and stock market apps such as Stock Target Advisor. A reliable Splits Calendar should provide detailed information on upcoming stock splits and reverse splits, including the split ratio, effective date, and involved company. Such a calendar is an indispensable resource for investors looking to stay informed about significant corporate actions that could impact their investment strategies.