TBB:NYE-AT&T Inc. 5.35% GLB NTS 66 (USD)


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USD 26.48


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USD 162.83B



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AT&T Inc. provides communications and digital entertainment services. The company operates through four segments: Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, Consumer Mobility, and International. The Business Solutions segment offers wireless services, strategic services, legacy voice, data services, wireless equipment, and other services to multinational companies, governmental and wholesale customers, and individual subscribers. The Entertainment Group segment provides video entertainment and audio programming channels to approximately 25 million subscribers; broadband and Internet services to 13.5 million residential subscribers; local and long-distance voice services to residential customers, as well as DSL Internet access; and voice services provided over IP-based technology. The Consumer Mobility segment offers postpaid and prepaid wireless voice and data communications services to consumers, and wireless wholesale and resale subscribers; consulting, advertising, and application and co-location services; and sells a variety of handsets, wirelessly enabled computers, and personal computer wireless data cards through company-owned stores, agents, or third-party retail stores, as well as accessories, such as carrying cases, hands-free devices, and other items. The International segment offers digital television services, including local and international digital video entertainment and audio programming under the DIRECTV and SKY brands throughout Latin America. This segment offers postpaid and prepaid wireless services in Mexico to approximately 15 million subscribers under the AT&T and Unefon brands; and sells a range of handsets. The company was formerly known as SBC Communications Inc. and changed its name to AT&T Inc. in November 2005. AT&T Inc. was founded in 1983 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

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BSCK Invesco BulletShares 2020.. 0.00 % 0.10 %


IBDT iShares iBonds Dec 2028 T.. 0.00 % 0.10 %

-0.12 (-0.42%)

VDIV:XETRA VanEck Vectors™ Morning.. 0.00 % 0.00 %

+0.23 (+0.79%)

QDVW:XETRA iShares MSCI World Qualit.. 0.00 % 0.00 %

+0.03 (+0.59%)

PVF1:XETRA VanEck Vectors Preferred .. 0.00 % 0.00 %


IU5C:XETRA iShares S&P 500 Commu.. 0.00 % 0.00 %

-0.01 (-0.10%)

FRNU:XETRA Amundi Index Solutions - .. 0.00 % 0.00 %

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FRNH:XETRA Amundi Index Solutions - .. 0.00 % 0.00 %

-0.01 (-0.02%)

IGLB iShares 10+ Year Investme.. 0.00 % 0.06 %

-0.73 (-1.07%)

CBND SPDR Bloomberg Barclays C.. 0.00 % 0.06 %


UITB VictoryShares USAA Core I.. 0.00 % 0.40 %

-0.15 (-0.28%)

PFIG Invesco Fundamental Inves.. 0.00 % 0.22 %

-0.06 (-0.20%)

LQD iShares iBoxx $ Investmen.. 0.00 % 0.14 %

-0.90 (-0.68%)

IBDQ iShares iBonds Dec 2025 T.. 0.00 % 0.10 %

-0.02 (-0.07%)

FLCO Franklin Liberty Investme.. 0.00 % 0.35 %

-0.15 (-0.58%)

FCOR Fidelity Corporate Bond E.. 0.00 % 0.36 %

-0.27 (-0.49%)

VGVL:XETRA Vanguard Funds Public Lim.. 0.00 % 0.00 %



Market Performance

  Market Performance vs.
Industry/Classification (Other)
Market Performance vs. Exchange
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Capital Gain -4.13% 18% F 14% F
Dividend Return 2.42% 87% B+ 89% B+
Total Return -1.71% 22% F 18% F
Trailing 12 Months  
Capital Gain 1.92% 18% F 10% F
Dividend Return 3.86% 15% F 54% F
Total Return 5.79% 25% F 12% F
Trailing 5 Years  
Capital Gain N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dividend Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Average Annual (5 Year Horizon)  
Capital Gain 1.75% 66% D 49% F
Dividend Return 0.51% 29% F 12% F
Total Return 2.26% 46% F 35% F
Risk Return Profile  
Volatility (Standard Deviation) 5.45% 74% C 92% A-
Risk Adjusted Return 41.52% 61% D- 59% F
Market Capitalization 162.83B 100% A+ 99% A+
Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 97%-100% A 93%-96% A- 90%-92%
B+ 87%-89% B 83%-86% B- 80%-82%
C+ 77%-79% C 73%-76% C- 70%-72%
D+ 67%-69% D 63%-66% D- 60%-62%
F 0%-59%

Key Financial Ratios

  Ratio vs. Industry/Classification
Ratio vs. Market
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Market Value  
Price / Earning Ratio 5.18 78% C+ 91% A-
Price/Book Ratio N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Price / Cash Flow Ratio 3.78 33% F 69% D+
Management Effectiveness  
Return on Equity N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Return on Invested Capital 1.68% 33% F 36% F
Return on Assets N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Debt to Equity Ratio 95.11% 46% F 40% F
Technical Ratios  
Short Ratio N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Short Percent N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Beta 0.34 40% F 86% B
Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 97%-100% A 93%-96% A- 90%-92%
B+ 97%-89% B 83%-86% B- 80%-82%
C+ 77%-79% C 73%-76% C- 70%-72%
D+ 67%-69% D 63%-66% D- 60%-62%
F 0%-59%

Annual Financials (USD)

Quarterly Financials (USD)

Analyst Rating

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Fundamental Analysis Breakdown

This is a composite scorecard based on the application of evaluation criteria deemed most important by analysts. This is not a buy or sell recommendation.

What to like:
High market capitalization

This is one of the largest entities in its sector and is among the top quartile. Such companies tend to be more stable.

Underpriced compared to earnings

The stock is trading low compared to its peers on a price to earning basis and is in the top quartile. It may be underpriced but do check its financial performance to make sure there is no specific reason.

Positive cash flow

The company had positive total cash flow in the most recent four quarters.

What to not like:
Below median total returns

The company has under performed its peers on annual average total returns in the past 5 years.

Below median dividend returns

The company’s average income yield over the past 5 years has been low compared to its peers. However, it is not a problem if you are not looking for income.

Overpriced on cashflow basis

The stock is trading high compared to its peers on a price to cash flow basis. It is priced above the median for its sectors. Proceed with caution if you are considering to buy.

Poor capital utilization

The company management has delivered below median return on invested capital in the most recent 4 quarters compared to its peers.

Highly leveraged

The company is in the bottom half compared to its sector peers on debt to equity and is highly leveraged. However, do check the news and look at its sector and management statements. Sometimes this is high because the company is trying to grow aggressively.

Low Earnings Growth

This stock has shown below median earnings growth in the previous 5 years compared to its sector