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CAD 8.69


-0.18 (-2.03)%

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CAD 0.46B



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CAD 9.90 (+13.92%)
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Bird Construction Inc. operates as a general contractor in Canada. The company primarily focuses on projects in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors of the general contracting industry. It constructs industrial buildings; and performs civil construction operations, including site preparation, concrete foundations, metal and modular fabrication, mechanical process work, underground piping, and earthwork for clients primarily operating in the oil and gas, liquefied natural gas, mining, and nuclear sectors. The company also engages in the construction and renovation of shopping malls, big box stores, office buildings, hotels, and selected high rise condominiums and apartments; and the construction of hospitals, post-secondary education facilities, schools, prisons, courthouses, government buildings, and retirement and senior housing facilities, as well as environmental facilities, such as water and wastewater treatment centers, composting facilities, and biosolids treatment and management facilities. It serves clients in the commercial, institutional, retail, multi-tenant residential, industrial, mining, water and wastewater, energy, civil, light industrial, and renovation and restoration sectors. Bird Construction Inc. was founded in 1920 and is based in Mississauga, Canada. Address: 5700 Explorer Drive, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L4W 0C6

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CAD0.01B 31.00 9.62

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Market Performance

  Market Performance vs.
Industry/Classification (Engineering & Construction)
Market Performance vs. Exchange
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Capital Gain 8.62% 89% B+ 83% B
Dividend Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Return 8.62% 89% B+ 83% B
Trailing 12 Months  
Capital Gain 23.61% 80% B- 80% B-
Dividend Return 4.62% 100% A+ 90% A-
Total Return 28.24% 90% A- 81% B-
Trailing 5 Years  
Capital Gain -23.84% 40% F 19% F
Dividend Return 19.77% 100% A+ 62% D-
Total Return -4.07% 40% F 23% F
Average Annual (5 Year Horizon)  
Capital Gain -11.82% 20% F 11% F
Dividend Return 4.90% 100% A+ 91% A-
Total Return -6.93% 30% F 13% F
Risk Return Profile  
Volatility (Standard Deviation) 18.74% 70% C- 40% F
Risk Adjusted Return -36.98% 20% F 18% F
Market Capitalization 0.46B 55% F 61% D-
Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 97%-100% A 93%-96% A- 90%-92%
B+ 97%-89% B 83%-86% B- 80%-82%
C+ 77%-79% C 73%-76% C- 70%-72%
D+ 67%-69% D 63%-66% D- 60%-62%
F 0%-59%

Key Financial Ratios

  Ratio vs. Industry/Classification
(Engineering & Construction)
Ratio vs. Market
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Market Value  
Price / Earning Ratio 15.80 64% D 48% F
Price/Book Ratio 2.19 45% F 40% F
Price / Cash Flow Ratio -12.10 100% A+ 86% B
EV/EBITDA 9.76 50% F 57% F
Management Effectiveness  
Return on Equity 14.85% 89% B+ 88% B+
Return on Invested Capital 5.93% 45% F 60% D-
Return on Assets 2.16% 60% D- 58% F
Debt to Equity Ratio 27.20% 89% B+ 66% D
Technical Ratios  
Short Ratio 1.23 73% C 45% F
Short Percent N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Beta 1.34 50% F 32% F
Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 97%-100% A 93%-96% A- 90%-92%
B+ 97%-89% B 83%-86% B- 80%-82%
C+ 77%-79% C 73%-76% C- 70%-72%
D+ 67%-69% D 63%-66% D- 60%-62%
F 0%-59%

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Analyst Rating

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Fundamental Analysis Breakdown

This is a composite scorecard based on the application of evaluation criteria deemed most important by analysts. This is not a buy or sell recommendation.

What to like:
Superior total returns

The stock has outperformed its sector peers on average annual total returns basis in the past 5 years (for a hold period of at least 12 months) and is in the top quartile.

Superior return on equity

The company management has delivered better return on equity in the most recent 4 quarters then its peers, placing it in the top quartile.

Low debt

The company is less leveraged than its peers ,, and is among the top quartile, which makes it more flexible. However, do check the news and look at its sector. Sometimes this is low because the company is not growing and has no growth potential.

Positive free cash flow

The company had positive total free cash flow in the most recent four quarters.

What to not like:
Poor risk adjusted returns

This company is delivering below median risk adjusted returns in its peers. Even if it is outperforming on returns , the returns are unpredictable. Proceed with caution.

Below median dividend returns

The company’s average income yield over the past 5 years has been low compared to its peers. However, it is not a problem if you are not looking for income.

Overpriced compared to book value

The stock is trading high compared to its peers median on a price to book value basis.

Poor capital utilization

The company management has delivered below median return on invested capital in the most recent 4 quarters compared to its peers.

Negative cashflow

The company had negative total cash flow in the most recent four quarters.

Low Revenue Growth

This stock has shown below median revenue growth in the previous 5 years compared to its sector