HPIL Holding (HPIL:OTC) 2 positive and 5 negative Signal detected

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by: STA Research
analyst ratings HPIL Holding

Stock Target Advisor’s own stock analysis of HPIL Holding is Bearish, which is based on 2 positive signals and 5 negative signals.

As a firm that is still in the development stage, HPIL Holding is involved in the development of technology projects in Canada. In addition to this, the company focuses on the development of powertrain management systems, as well as online and AI-based video games; and ZIPPA, a global multi-gaming platform designed specifically for gamers. In August of 2021, the corporation formally known as Cybernetic Technologies Ltd. changed its name to HPIL Holding. Previously, it was known by that name. 2009 is the year of incorporation for HPIL Holding, which now operates out of Vancouver in the province of Canada.


What we like:

Underpriced compared to book value

The stock is trading low compared to its peers on a price-to-book value basis and is in the top quartile. It may be underpriced but do check its financial performance to make sure there is no specific reason.

Superior return on assets

The company management has delivered a better return on assets in the most recent 4 quarters than its peers, placing it in the top quartile.


What we don’t like:

Low market capitalization

This is among the smaller entities in its sectors with below median market capitalization. That may make it less stable in the long run unless it has a unique technology or market which can help it grow or get acquired in future.

Poor risk-adjusted returns

This company is delivering below median risk-adjusted returns to its peers. Even if it is outperforming on returns, the returns are unpredictable. Proceed with caution.

High volatility

The total returns for this company are volatile and above the median for its sector over the past 5 years. Make sure you have the risk tolerance for investing in such stock.

Negative cash flow

The company had negative total cash flow in the most recent four quarters.

Negative free cash flow

The company had negative total free cash flow in the most recent four quarters.


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