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The investment seeks long-term capital appreciation with a secondary emphasis on capital preservation. The fund is considered a "fund of funds" that seeks to achieve its investment objective by primarily investing in other exchange-traded funds that offer diversified exposure to global regions, countries, styles (market capitalization, value, growth, etc.) or sectors, and other exchange-traded products. It primarily invests in U.S.-listed domestic and foreign equity, fixed income, and commodity ETPs. The Sub-Advisor uses a quantitative tactical methodology to identify the ETPs believed to be participating in long-term "durable trends" within the market.

Inception Date: 22/06/2011

Primary Benchmark: Not Benchmarked

Primary Index: Morningstar Mod Tgt Risk TR USD

Gross Expense Ratio: 1.88%

Management Expense Ratio: 1.35 %

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Relative Returns (From:    To: 2018-01-16 )

Largest Industry Peers for Tactical Allocation

Symbol Name Mer Price(Change) Market Cap
NHF NexPoint Credit Strategies Fun.. 0.00 %

+0.25 (+1.00%)

USD 0.57B
OPP RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategi.. 0.00 %

-0.11 (-0.60%)

USD 0.20B
FT Franklin Universal Trust 0.00 %

-0.02 (-0.28%)

USD 0.18B
DNI Dividend and Income Fund 0.00 %

-0.02 (-0.15%)

USD 0.15B
SPE Special Opportunities Fund Inc 0.00 %

+0.05 (+0.34%)

USD 0.13B
RIV RiverNorth Opportunities Fund .. 0.00 %

-0.19 (-0.91%)

USD 0.08B
CPI IQ Real Return 0.49 %

+0.05 (+0.18%)

USD 0.03B
GTAA AdvisorShares Morgan Creek Glo.. 1.25 %


USD 6.08M

ETFs Containing MATH


Market Performance

  Market Performance vs.
Industry/Classification (Tactical Allocation)
Market Performance vs. Exchange (NYSE Arca)
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Capital Gain 2.69% 75% C 57% F
Dividend Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Return 2.69% 75% C 57% F
Trailing 12 Months  
Capital Gain 17.91% 100% A+ 67% D+
Dividend Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Return 17.91% 63% D 62% D-
Trailing 5 Years  
Capital Gain 30.07% 100% A+ 59% F
Dividend Return 1.06% 17% F 3% F
Total Return 31.13% 67% D+ 48% F
Average Annual (5 Year Horizon)  
Capital Gain 2.49% 88% B+ 48% F
Dividend Return 2.73% 50% F 28% F
Total Return 0.24% 25% F 5% F
Risk Return Profile  
Volatility (Standard Deviation) 8.93% 75% C 76% C
Risk Adjusted Return 30.56% 38% F 34% F
Market Capitalization 0.01B 13% F 8% F

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Quarterly Financials (USD)

Analyst Rating

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This is a composite scorecard based on the application of evaluation criteria deemed most important by analysts. This is not a buy or sell recommendation.

What to like:
Low volatility

The stock’s annual returns have been stable and consistent compared to its sector peers(for a hold period of at least 12 months) and is in the top quartile. Although stability is good, also keep in mind it can limit returns.

What to not like:
Low market capitalization

This is among the smaller entities in its sectors with below median market capitalization. That may make it less stable in the long run unless it has a unique technology or market which can help it grow or get acquired in future.

Poor risk adjusted returns

This company is delivering below median risk adjusted returns in its peers. Even if it is outperforming on returns , the returns are unpredictable. Proceed with caution.

Below median total returns

The company has under performed its peers on annual average total returns in the past 5 years.

Below median dividend returns

The company’s average income yield over the past 5 years has been low compared to its peers. However, it is not a problem if you are not looking for income.