GAL:ARCA-SPDR SSgA Global Allocation

ETF | World Allocation | NYSE Arca

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USD 39.47


-0.03 (-0.08)%

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USD 0.24B



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The investment seeks to provide capital appreciation. The fund invests substantially all of its assets in the SSGA Global Allocation Portfolio (the "Portfolio"), a separate series of the SSGA Master Trust with an identical investment objective as the fund. As a result, the fund invests indirectly through the Portfolio. The Portfolio typically allocates approximately 60% of its assets to equity securities, though this percentage can vary based on the Adviser's tactical decisions.

Inception Date: 25/04/2012

Primary Benchmark: Not Benchmarked

Primary Index: Morningstar Mod Tgt Risk TR USD

Gross Expense Ratio: 0.2%

Management Expense Ratio: 0.01 %

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Relative Returns (From:    To: 2018-01-16 )

Largest Industry Peers for World Allocation

Symbol Name Mer Price(Change) Market Cap
ETG Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Glo.. 0.00 %

-0.03 (-0.17%)

USD 1.37B
JRI Nuveen Real Asset Income and G.. 0.00 %

-0.05 (-0.28%)

USD 0.49B
ETO Eaton Vance Tax-Advantage Glob.. 0.00 %

-0.11 (-0.42%)

USD 0.38B
DRA Diversified Real Asset Income .. 0.00 %


USD 0.32B
EOD Wells Fargo Global Dividend Op.. 0.00 %

+0.03 (+0.50%)

USD 0.27B
JDD Nuveen Diversified Dividend an.. 0.00 %

-0.02 (-0.16%)

USD 0.24B
DEX Delaware Enhanced Global Divid.. 0.00 %

+0.03 (+0.24%)

USD 0.20B
JTA Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Re.. 0.00 %

+0.01 (+0.07%)

USD 0.20B
RLY SPDR SSgA Multi Asset Real Ret.. 0.22 %

-0.08 (-0.29%)

USD 0.12B
GYLD Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield E.. 0.75 %

-0.08 (-0.42%)

USD 0.11B

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Market Performance

  Market Performance vs.
Industry/Classification (World Allocation)
Market Performance vs. Exchange (NYSE Arca)
  Value Sector Median Percentile Rank Grade Market Median Percentile Rank Grade
Capital Gain 3.13% 71% C- 61% D-
Dividend Return N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total Return 3.13% 64% D 61% D-
Trailing 12 Months  
Capital Gain 17.64% 64% D 66% D
Dividend Return 2.58% 31% F 41% F
Total Return 20.22% 64% D 66% D
Trailing 5 Years  
Capital Gain 25.35% 91% A- 57% F
Dividend Return 14.19% 27% F 43% F
Total Return 39.53% 55% F 54% F
Average Annual (5 Year Horizon)  
Capital Gain 2.75% 93% A 50% F
Dividend Return 5.43% 50% F 41% F
Total Return 2.67% 43% F 51% F
Risk Return Profile  
Volatility (Standard Deviation) 6.66% 86% B 86% B
Risk Adjusted Return 81.46% 79% C+ 69% D+
Market Capitalization 0.19B 71% C- 31% F

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Quarterly Financials (USD)

Analyst Rating

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This is a composite scorecard based on the application of evaluation criteria deemed most important by analysts. This is not a buy or sell recommendation.

What to like:
Superior risk adjusted returns

This stock has performed well, on a risk adjusted basis, compared to its sector peers(for a hold period of at least 12 months) and is in the top quartile.

Low volatility

The stock’s annual returns have been stable and consistent compared to its sector peers(for a hold period of at least 12 months) and is in the top quartile. Although stability is good, also keep in mind it can limit returns.

What to not like:
Below median total returns

The company has under performed its peers on annual average total returns in the past 5 years.

Below median dividend returns

The company’s average income yield over the past 5 years has been low compared to its peers. However, it is not a problem if you are not looking for income.